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Packing for your removal is a specialist skill and Dracott and Fennemore have experienced and professionally trained staff to provide this
service for you. Using a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials, our team will pack all of your
possessions ready for moving. This will reduce the burden on your family significantly during your removal.

Planning a Move

Packing and Wrapping

Free boxes, delivery and collection – we take the stress away!

We take great pride in using only the highest quality products to pack and protect your belongings for transport or storage.

If you decide to do the packing yourself, then Dracott and Fennemore can provide all the materials you need. Quick, free packing demonstrations are also offered.

It’s all included.

All packing materials are included in a full residential relocation. This includes large and small boxes, wardrobe cartons, packing paper and tape. Picture and mirror transport protection and specialist furniture bags and required furniture protection are also included as standard in all Dracott and Fennemore services unless otherwise stated.

Wrapping Furniture

Wrapping Furniture

Certain items must always be wrapped properly before transport to either protect the item itself, or to protect door frames or banisters during removal. For example, although a chair is easily carried and unlikely to hit a door frame with much force, a large wardrobe may brush against walls if being squeezed through an awkward stairwell
or other narrow gap.

Veneered furniture requires wrapping as the veneer can easily lift upon impact. Baby furniture often has a white coating that scuffs very easily, while scuffs on hardwood furniture may reveal a different shade underneath. Valuable antiques should always be protected too, but smaller pieces of furniture with no fragile finish may not need this.

Dracott and Fennemore protects your furniture as standard on all removals, but you may wish to save money by wrapping things yourself – materials are free!

Dracott Fennemore storage

Secure Storage

Dracott & Fennemore is the proprietor and operator of its own secure storage facility which enables us to offer customers containerised storage at extremely competitive rates.

Dracott & Fennemore offer domestic and commercial storage solutions in London. Whether you are looking for short term storage or a long term storage solution, irrespective of the size of your storage requirements, we can help. Our Secure Storage is processed using containerised storage units. This offers our customers a flexible option in terms of storage space and cost.

When moving your household contents into storage, we use industry standard 250 cu’ft removal crates that are placed directly into our lorries and loaded at your home. Once back at our Storage facility they are taken off the lorry and placed in the store until required for delivery. This method keeps the manual handling to the same level as a straight move, cutting down costs to the client and ensures a high level of service.

The storage containers are held in our own Secure Storage Warehouse, which is managed and controlled by Dracott & Fennemore personnel only. Owning and running our own secure storage warehouse enables us to offer extremely competitive rates.

We can provide storage from as little as 25 sqft, with relocation in and out of store rolled into the package. Alternatively, for long storage periods, we provide a crating service.

When a large relocation is undertaken, crating is also used to give time to remove all the goods in the allotted time frame. All removed goods are stored in our warehouse for the change-over day and delivered the following day, or at the client’s request.

If you just need a small unit for a short or long period, we can help with that too. We can provide removals packages where items are collected and stored for any period of time and delivered to any address. There are no minimum or maximum constraints – a package can be worked out to suit you.