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Planning a Move

6 Weeks Before

Preparation – Decide exactly how much of the packing/moving
 you wish to do and how much you would like done by us. A free consultation may help you make an informed decision.
Book up – Contact us for a quote and a free assessment, by calling 0800 633 5053 or emailing
Disposal – Get rid of unwanted possessions. You could sell them, dump them, or contact us for commercial tipping.
Packing – If you have decided to pack yourself then contact us, 
get boxes delivered and start packing!
Plan – Plan where each item of furniture and box will go in your 
new home. Use things like post-it notes to label the furniture items.
Contact – Contact all of the following and inform them of your move:

Friends and Family
Doctor or Health Service Provider
Pension Provider
Electricity Provider
Post office, for Mail Redirection
Telephone Company
Insurance Companies
Stock Broker

Provider Pharmacist, if necessary
Driving Licensing Agency DVLA
Water Provider
Tv Licensing Agency/Satellight
Internet Provider
Subscriptions, Magazines/Newspapers
Religious Institution
Milk Man

Planning a Move

2 Weeks Before

Changes – If you change what you are taking, you face new time restraints on the day, or the date changes, then please let us know.
Parking – If there are permit holder bays or yellow lines at either property, now is the time to contact the local council parking department to request a ‘Parking Exemption’ for our vehicle(s).
We can do this for you if you like. (Your local council may charge
for this service but it is often essential to secure access to your property and avoid parking tickets.)
Valuables – Put all the following items in a safe place that is easily accessible even during the move:
– Medication/prescriptions.
– Dental/medical records.
– Birth certificate.
– Passports.
– Small valuables.
Pet – Make arrangements for your pets.
Book disconnections – Gas appliances must be disconnected
by a Corgi registered technician. Water appliances can be disconnected by us but we must be notified in advance.
Computer – Back up all computer files.
Booking – Contact us to double-check your booking.

Packing and Wrapper

The Day Before

Packing – If you did the packing yourself, double-check that all boxes can be closed and you have not left some items unpacked. Save yourself some food which doesn’t require cutlery!

Planning a Move

The Day of the Move

Direction – We may have questions for you about your furniture, so try to be there all day.
Check – At the end of the move check that everything that should have been moved has been moved, no more and no less.